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Obviously, this young lady doesn’t need much of an introduction…

Sheen Javed, one of the Pakistan’s top model, actress, professional dancer  and known to millions. In a meteoric rise to fame Sheen has appeared in numerous magazines and newspapers as well as appearing several times on your television.

However, Sheen is not only renowned for her looks… She has appeared on several television soaps.

A cool, classic beauty, with an exuberant flair for the dramatic, Sheen is one of Pakistan’s most versatile and unique actresses to date.

This “PTV Regional best actress” Award-winning actress has an illustrious resume of roles alongside the most notable and respected actors in the business.


Name: Sheen

Weight: 45kg

Height: 5’7

Language Known: Eng/Urdu/Punjabi (want to learn to speak fluent Saraiki)

Current Location: Lahore, Pakistan

Show Size: no clue :)

Color of eyes: Black

Color of hair: Black

Sheen’s Secrets

Favorite Drink: Red Bull

Ice-cream or Chocolate: Icecream

Favorite ice-cream flavor : oh heck, give me anything :D

Favorite vacation spot: My bedroom

Tea or Coffee: Black coffee without sugar

Food: “panjaban hon sare khane kha leti hon”

Favorite  Book: Khushboo by Parveen Shaker

Oldest item in your cupboard: Script of my first TV play

Favorite Label: Ayshaz

Style Icon: Sheen

Favorite Music: Depend on mood

Favorite Singer: Rahat Fateh Ali Khan & Atif Aslam

All time favorite song: “lag ja gale phir yeh haseen rat ho na ho”

Blackberry or iphone: BB

What Do You use your laptop or PC for? I have a Dell laptop, and I use it for browsing, email, chat, facebook etc etc

Toyota or Honda: Honda

Where you were born: Lahore

How many brother/sister do you have: 5 sis & 1 bro

Your Favorite male actor: Sanjay Dutt, Hritik Roshan , Tom Cruise & Shan

Do you believe in “love at first sight”: NO

Love marriage or arrange marriage: Luv marriage

What was your show biz first assignment: Modeling

Favorite color: black/red/blue/maroon/tea pink

Fan Queries

hi fanz,

If you have any question & want to ask Sheen something.. she is just one click away :) use our contact form to submit your queries.



Q: Can I have sheen’s personal cell phone #.  (Kazam from Karachi)

Ans: Sorry Kazam, You can contact me via this website (Sheen)


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